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This toy cash register is perfect for your toddler or preschooler. Kids will learn colors and shapes through matching. This learning toy is just the right size to help develop fine motor skills and foster an understanding of simple cause and effect. Kids think it is fun-you will think it is adorable! The Count 'n Play Cash Register will help stimulate toddlers and preschoolers imagination and inspire creativity.

• Kids will have fun learning how to match colors, size and numbers
• Drop the coins into the slots, swipe the credit card to drop the coins
into the drawer
• Kids open the cash drawer by pulling down on the handle
• Coin-drop slot
• Change dispenser for added play
• Accessories include:
* 1-Dollar bill
* 1-Credit card
* 2-Red coins
* 3-Blue coins
* 4-Yellow coins

Product Size 24cmL x 14cmW x 26cmH / 0.9kgs.
Box Size 25cmL x 15cmW x 28cmH / 1kg.
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